Ventilated façade constructions for new-build and renovation work

The façade doesn't only establish the aesthetic and architectural appearance of a building, it is also an important factor in determining the level of insulation and the watertightness of the structure. 

Façade cladding: beautiful and useful

WRC can prevent or solve troublesome problems like cold bridging, damp areas and heat loss using a ventilated façade cladding system, at the same time providing the building with an attractive new face. Any building can be transformed into a characterful eyecatcher. 

Ceramic tiles, large format cladding panels

Wall & Roof Construct can also provide an almost unlimited range of options for the installation of façade cladding and cladding panels. You choose it, we'll install it:

  • Slates or roof tiles
  • Sidings
  • Large format panels:
    - Fibre cement
    - Rockpanel
    - Solid core
    - Glass fibre reinforced concrete
    - Glass fibre polymer composite
    - Acrylic polymer
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • Zinc
  • Plastic

With WRC the client is free to choose the materials used. We can work with any supplier: you choose it, we'll install it.

"As highly experienced installers of large format cladding panels we can also bring to life the façade of a building of modern design."