Removal and disposal of asbestos cement

Asbestos is a carcinogen which is still found in many older buildings. Removal of materials containing asbestos from roofs and facades is not something that should be undertaken without caution and a sound knowledge of the risks and the necessary control measures. WRC have the necessary knowledge to remove roofing and façade materials containing asbestos, and we have the certification to prove it. We know how to remove this hazardous material during demolition works, safely and in compliance with the law. 

Safe and thorough removal of asbestos cement

Whenever we encounter asbestos cement roofing and façade materials we make the necessary arrangements for its safe and complete removal. Our staff receive annual training in this area and we follow the stringent requirements set down by the Flemish government. Dealing responsibly with hazardous asbestos cement roofing and façade materials with traceable waste streams isn't just important, it is legally mandatory. 

So this is another area where WRC are able to offer a total solution. 

"Our staff undergo annual training in dealing safely and responsibly with asbestos cement."